China Airlines Virtual First Event

posted by Cris Ye on 2020-01-21

Hello everyone,
China Airlines Virtual’s first event is on tomorrow(1.22)1200Z.This is CIVA’s first event.

Back Ground:
To celebrate our first flight event & Chinese New Year festival. We decide to have this event!Feel happy to fly with us,and enjoy this journey!
Fly With Your Dream✈️

Event Partner:

Air China Virtual-CAVA

DATE;22nd Jan 2020
SEVER: Expert
AIRPORT: RCTP (Taipei Taoyuan International Airport)
TIME: 1200Z
ROUTE: RCTP(Taipei Taoyuan)-ZGGG(Guangzhou Baiyun)
FLIGHT TIME: 2.5 hours
AIRCRAFT: A350-900[China Airlines}

Flight Details:
Cruise:FL340 M0.85
Scheduled departure RWY: RWY05L(For CIVA) RWY05R(For CAVA)
Scheduled arrival RWY: RWY02L/R RWY01

More information is on the slack and the EVENT THREAD

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