China-Airlines Virtual




Hi there! I am Kosong, the founder of China Airlines Virtual. I live in Wuhan. If you have any questions just feel free to contact me. I may not be very active for some reasons, but I will still do my best to reply each of you. See you in the sky!

Steve Jiang


IFC-Steve Jiang

Hi, I am Steve Jiang, the CEO of China Airlines Virtual! I can answer any questions you may have about China Airlines Virtual. Waiting for you to join us!

Cris Ye


IFC-Cris Ye

Hi!I‘m the COO of China Airlines Virtual. I will also be HR and IFC Manager. If you have troubles, I will be glad to answer you!

Humphrey Huang

Event Director

IFC-Humphrey Huang

Hi pilots, and welcome to China Airlines Virtual! I am the Events Director, and my job is to prepare background pictures, specific content, and routes for all CIVA events.

Mito Zhu

Event Advisor

IFC-Mito Zhu

Hi everyone! I'm the Events Advisor at CIVA. Please feel free to contact me if you happen to discover any problems with one or our events, or if you have any suggestions on what routes to include. Thanks!

Adam X

Event Supervisor

IFC-Adam X

Hi there! I'm the Events Supervisor at China Airlines Virtual. I love making events and activities for our pilots. I hope to see you join CIVA!

Kuan H


IFC-Kuan H

Hello there ! I am the supervisor of China Airlines virtual . It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to the China airlines virtual. If you have any questions, please fell free to ask me, I will respond you as soon as I can. And When you have nothing to do or you are boring you can always chat with me, or we can have a flight together.

Anthony Zhu

Flight Manager

IFC-Anthony Zhu

Hi everyone! I am the Flight Manager of China Airlines Virtual. Please feel free to contact me via PM if you have any questions about your PIREPS. I have a real passion for aviation and was delighted to join the team. You'll see me in the virtual sky as CIVA007 - Happy Flying!

Ray Wang


IFATC Specialist

ATC Training Pilot

IFC-Ray Wang

Head of Public Relation Officer

Human Resources Officer of CIVA

Deputy President of IFCPC Infinite Flight China Pilot Center

Flying infinite flight nearly 4 years From a new guy nothing know about anything,in toward now.I am become a Grade 5 pilot, IFATC… I have experienced a lot and learned a lot. Enjoy fly around the Mountains, trees, and travel all over the world.